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Intruder Alarms for the Home

Home security is one of the most important things that any home owner should have. Home security encompasses many things with TomTec intruder alarms being amongst the major security components that all homes should have. All you need to know about intruder alarms will be discussed here below majoring on the various types of intruder alarms.

What is an intruder alarm for home?

Just as the name suggests, an intruder alarm is a security alarm system designed to detect any kind of intrusion in homes. Intrusion consists of any unauthorized entry. When there is an intrusion, the alarm goes on to alert the home owner of the intrusion experienced.

Types of Intruder Alarms for the Home

A home owner has a wide variety of choices on the type of intruder alarm to pick for the home. Here below are some of the most popular types of intruder alarms for the home.

  1. Bells-only

This is one of the most popular type of intruder alarms used in homes. This type is a ringer alarm that makes noise when there is intrusion. There are two alarms for home i.e. internal and external alarms. The external will continue making noise for a maximum of 20 minutes after the intrusion. Meanwhile, the internal alarm and outdoor light will continue flashing until the owner turns off the system. This type of intruder alarm is suitable for lower-risk homes, which have no significant valuables.

  1. Monitored

This type is that which has a direct connection with an external security company. For a fee, the security company monitors signals received from your alarm. In case of an intrusion, someone from the security company calls your home for password. In case a wrong password is given or the phone is not picked, the company notifies the police of the intrusion.

  1. Wireless or wired alarms

Professionals install wired alarms so that all the wires are hidden. On the other hand, wireless alarms are battery powered. Wireless alarms are cheap to install compared to wired ones.

These are the major types of intrusion alarms for the home. You can pick on any of the above mentioned depending on your specific needs.